Monday, 24 August 2009

Demons emerge

Within a few days of those eggs being spotted they emerged into these little chaps, soon to devour a cabbage in a single day and treble in size. Ready to move onto the next meal. Im afraid i didnt leave them on there any longer so you could see the adult munchers as i think we have all met the Cabbage White Caterpillar.

Blooming Marvelous

These little eggs may seem delicate and not worth worrying about on the veg plot but BEWARE !

I cannot resist planting plowers amongst my veggies and Marigolds are without doubt my favourite. The Pot Marigold petals are used in salads, as are Borage and Chives, so are not just pretty but tasty too.

I just love these little darlings, pink shallots, preserving is in full swing now with all the kitchen garden produce coming in by the trug load and these beauties will be divided between saving for cooking and Sweet and Sour Pickled Onions. I am also growing some Paris Silverskins for pickling which are not quite reading yet. Our main crop Onions are finishing off under glass so that they will store all winter.

Saturday, 18 July 2009

kitchen garden update

This is the best time of year on the veg plot with vegetables and fruit being picked in profusion. Its fantastic when every meal you sit down to is made from your own home grown produce. The soft fruit is especially good this year, these Redcurrants coming from just one bush ! We have picked 3 types of Gooseberries (May Duke still to pick), all our Redcurrants, 2 Blackcurrant bushes (2 more to go), and are still picking summer Raspberries Tullameen by the bucketful. I only wish our top fruit was as good this year but alas our trees were devasted by EVIL catepillars of the winter moth. They munched their way throught both leaves and flowers of all our trees and left us with only a handfull. The organic handbook will be hidden next year in favour of spraying the blighters.

On the veggie side of things were are harvesting Potatoes, Carrots, Peas, French Beans, Courgettes, Spinach, Cabbage, Salads and Onions. Asparagus was delicious while it lasted and runner beans are in full flower.

More soon now im back in the chair...... good gardening x

summer fayre

Its been some weeks since my last blog. Life has a way of dropping a bomb on your happy world and everything gets mixed up in the fall out, something has to give while you sort your life out again and for me it was the blog. So to start off again on a cheery note i thought a pic of our stall at the local show would get me in the mood. Food is always a comfort !

Our local shows have all been well supported despite the credit crunch, sunshine and good fortune smiled on us and we have met some lovely people. What more could you ask for !

Friday, 29 May 2009

Poppy Power

Couldnt let today go by without showing you a picture of my favourite Poppy - Mecanopsis Cambrica - The Welsh Poppy. Yes, i know they are not rare but they are just simply beautiful. I guess they have added meaning to me as my grandmother always had them in her garden. As a small child is was a fascinating place, with self seeded plants in every nook and cranny, and chickens at the bottom of the garden. Cabbages rubbed shoulders with Roses and Blackcuarrants with Onions. It was a true cottage garden. Her apple trees were nameless delights and her wall trained Japonica provided the fuit for the most amazing Quince Jelly.


This gorgeous duck family are the first we have seen this year. Mum has kept them well hidden and still has 5 if you can see them all. We always throw some mixed corn under the bird table for passing Ducks but recently we have only had Pheasants visiting. We have 2 Swallow families nesting in the outbuildings this year and we have not got round to counting the House Martins under the eaves. We are thrilled each year with the amount and variety of birds nesting in the garden. Every one is a treasure to behold.